Контрольная работа 5 класс

контрольная работа спотлайт 5 класс

В данной статье вы найдете контрольную работу для учащихся 5 классов по теме «Family«.

Контрольная работа проверяет насколько ученики усвоили следующий материал:

  1. лексику по теме «семья»
  2. модальный глагол can
  3. личные местоимения, объектные местоимения и притяжательные прилагательные
  4. описание внешности человека
  5. притяжательный падеж 


Курсы английского для детей


Контрольная работа

Task 1. Complete the words
e.g. father

2. _a_i_l f_a_tu_r_s
3. f_mi_y
4. _o_s_a_h_e
5. m_m

Task 2. Fill in the correct word
Caring, friendly, pretty, clever, funny, naughty
e.g. Sam is very friendly. He smiles and talks to everybody

1. I like watching comedies. These films are _________
2. Dave speaks five languages. He’s very ___________
3. My brother is _________ and noisy.
4. She’s got short, dark hair and brown eyes. She’s very ______
5. My English teacher is _______ and kind

Task 3. Underline the correct word.
e.g. Jane is tall with short/little hair

  1. Suri has got dark/big hair
  2. My granny is like a kitten/ a snail
  3. Tom Jakes is quiet short/little
  4. Ann’s room is tall/ big
  5. I was very thin/fat when I was in hospital
  6. He’s got a red moustache/ ears
  7. My uncle has got a kind/small nose
  8. Lisa is a baby. She’s big/small
  9. Tom is my mother/brother
  10. My mum is like a bee/ an ox

Task 4. Fill in the correct pronoun or possessive adjective
e.g. Marina has got fair hair. Her hair is long.

  1.  What’s _____ surname? — My surname is Petrov
  2.  ____ am not at home
  3. Did you call them? I think _____ car is behind the shop.
  4. Who is that boy? — _____ is a student.
  5.  _____ name’s Lily.
  6.  I like you. ______ are my friend.
  7.  That’s Jack’s guitar. It’s _______ guitar.
  8. We are here. Look at ______
  9. Can you give ______________ a pen, please?
  10. Here we are. Look at______

Task 5. Underline the correct word.
e.g. My dad can/can’t fly a plane. He’s not a pilot.

  1. Maria is a very clever student. She can/ can’t speak Spanish, French and English
  2. That’s easy! You can/can’t do it!
  3. Sasha can play basketball but he can/can’t play hockey.
  4. John can/can’t play the guitar. He isn’t a musician
  5. Can/Can’t you cook biscuits?

Task 6. Choose the correct response.

1.       What’s your name?

2.       How old is he?

3.       Where’s he from?

4.       Whose umbrella is this?

5.       Where is her house?

a.       In Madrid

b.       It’s Mary’s

c.       Bill

d.       30

e.       Chicago

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