Контрольная работа по английскому языку 6 класс

контрольная работа по английскому 6 класс

Контрольная работа 6 класс по английскому языку предназначена для проверки усвоения следующего материала:

  1. разница между make и do
  2. глагольная группа Present Continuius
  3. лексики по теме «фестиваль»

Контрольная работа 6 класс

Task 1. Fill in make or do

  1. «How long does it takes you …. your homework?»- «Two hours»
  2. «Do you …. your morning exercises on Sunday?»- » No, I …. my morning exercises only on weekdays»
  3. «Who usually … dinner for you?»- «My mother»
  4. You can  … progress in your English if you … all these exercises.
  5. Try not … mistakes in your test
  6. Sh! I … my homework. You …. too much noise!
  7. In my house, my dad usually … the washing-up

Task 2. Match the words to form collocations

1.       Celebrate

2.       Pumpkin

3.       Visit

4.       Dancing

5.       A dozen

6.       Unbirtday

7.       musical

a.       red roses

b.       chairs

c.       pie

d.       New Year’s Eve

e.       present

f.        competition

g.       relatives

Task 3. Fill in the correct word

Clean, fireworks, costumes, gardening, join, decorations

  1. Your room looks lovely with all the …. on the walls
  2. Mary loves to watch the….in the sky on Guy Fawkes’ Night.
  3. At Halloween, we all wear strange….
  4. After the party you can help me to….up
  5. That looks like a great game. Can I…. in?
  6. Ivan is doing the…..He loves plants and flowers.

Task 4. Put the verb into the correct form

  1. Let’s go out now. __________ (it/to rain) any more.
  2. Ben is a student, but he isn/t very happy. He (to enjoy) his course.
  3. Kate wants to work in Italy, so she (to learn) Italian.
  4. What’s the matter? Why _____ (you/to cry)?
  5. «You ______  (to work) hard today»- «Yes, I have a lot to do»
  6. You can turn off the radio. ______ (I/listen) to it
  7. We are not in a hurry. Why ____ (you/walk/so fast)?
  8. Please don’t make so much noise. I _______ (to try) to work
  9. The population  of the word _____ (to icrease) very fast
  10. The water ______ (to boil). Be careful

Task 5. Match the responses to thequestions.

1.       What do you think of the party?

2.       Are you doing anything at the moment?

3.       What do you have in mind?

4.       What are the sandwiches like?

5.       Would you like to include a card?

a.       It’s brilliant

b.       No, not really

c.       A dozen white roses

d.       They’re horrible

e.       Yes, we are

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